Giuseppe and Dolores came to the United States from Sicily and started Sorella’s Pizza & Pasta in 2003. They wanted to bring real homestyle Italian cooking to the Bethlehem area. At Sorella’s, the food is authentic and customers are treated like family. Giuseppe and Dolores, who have two kids of their own, wanted to have a restaurant where families can relax and enjoy a satisfying Italian meal. That’s why Sorella’s Resturant is where food and family come together. Please check for updates on their website and visit their location at 3650 Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem PA 18020.

For Sorella’s new logo we created an identifying mark that could most literally represent the dining experience by interweaving typography with imagery of a fork indulging in the restaurant’s signature. The font is intentionally elegant, with swirls reminiscent of both pasta and the flowing sound of “Sorella” when pronounced. The owners chose the name “Sorella’s” for this establishment because it translates to “sister”, which is reminder that this is a place for family.

The large delicious pizza icon is featured in the logo to indicate that the food at Sorella’s can be proportionately made to be shared with loved ones. It goes right to the heart of the notion that this Italian meal is meant to be an experience of good feelings enjoyed with others. It is to be a source of pleasure and relaxation. We hope that you feel at home when you think of Sorella’s and that you enjoy the food at your table.

The brand’s identity was designed to be fun and inviting but still maintain clarity. Similar to the culinary artistry in the restaurant we wanted to offer a logo that could become a classic, was straightforward and easy to decipher- so we worked with a minimal black and white color palette and flowing brushstroke lines during the design process. Now Sorella’s Pizza and Pasta Restaurant can be recognized on their packaging labels, online presence, menus, staff gear, business cards and on location.

Buon appetite!

sorella's pizza box mockup

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