A company’s brand identity is the way that business wants to be perceived by consumers. It is the components of the brand: the name, logo, tone, tagline, typeface, etc. that are created by the business to reflect the value that company is trying to bring to the market and to appeal to its customers. Brand identity is separate from brand image, which is the term for the way consumers actually perceive your brand. Sometimes there is a disconnect between intentions and how you are actually perceived by the public. Our strategy at Creative Repute is to bridge that gap and provide you with marketing materials that accentuate the best elements from both your internal identity and external image. With our diversely talented designers we have experience designing website mockups, ads, social media campaigns, brochures, business cards, invitations, mission statements, curriculum, product labels, restaurant menus, product descriptions, character designs, and much more.

We develop brand identities that are designed to not only accentuate your best elements, but also identify concepts of purpose and community; perceptions that inspire long-term customer loyalty. All brands have their own personality and their marketing materials serve as the face of the company. Our strategy is to audit your reputation and delve into cultural, sociological and artistic references targeted at courting your customers. We build upon traditions, symbols, memories and emotions that are already making your customers fall in love with you.

We are a team of world class researchers and graphic designers with culturally diverse and intimate connection to the arts. We do not have a rigid subscription to a specific type of aesthetic, therefore every design screams the client’s brand without a hint of Creative Repute. Nowhere else can you have better support, and the ability to deliver quality service in the strictest of deadlines.

Nilé Livingston
Strategic Director | Founder
Kandis Hutcherson
Account Manager
Sarah Weber
Creative Writer
Benjamin Yannella
Graphic Designer
Jason Jones
Branding Specialist
Jesus Blanca Tinapay III
Flo Pascual
Design Assistant

A World Class Team

Trust that our diverse team is constantly working hard and creativity; approaching design in new ways and encouraging the consideration of alternatives.